Are you having trouble finding your way in your cellar?


The first digital cellar for wine lovers


Introducing a complete technological suite for wine enthusiasts

Meet your wine companion

With évoé’s cellar device get access and track your personal stock levels anytime, and from anywhere.

A digital sommelier in your pocket

Get an instant access to a tremendous professional wine database of more than 1 million references.

Be notified of the maturity of your wines, so you always know when it’s the perfect moment to drink them.

Grape variety

A wine enthusiast community

Access to comments and ratings from the wine lovers’ community

Share and enjoy experiences with others

« Our best reward? Get our customers to enjoy wine tasting and relaxing moments with their friends, without the hassle of managing their wine cellar »

Olivier Beaumont CEO

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“A shazam for the wine”

An application that allows the identification of evey new bottle, directly from your smartphone, évoé Wine Technology turned it into reality. Connected objects are soaring and it expanding to the art of "savoir-vivre" with évoé. —
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“A digital sommelier in your pocket”

A simple application which helps choosing which wine to serve at your next dinner with friends of to know what are the best rated wines of world famous wine leaders. évoé a swiss startup develops a management systems that gives you the status of you cellar in real time.

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Share a drink with the team

Who's best than three wine passionates to understand the motivations of every sommelier who lives inside us ? Optimize everyone’s wine cellar management system, drink each bottle at its optimal maturity, while learning on wine and sharing with friends, this is the new quest of évoé Wine Technology SA. Created in February 7th, 2013. Originally developed as a product for professionals, the founders were stroked by the evidence, a simple and automated wine cellar management would perfectly fit the needs of individuals as well. Since early this year, the company is hosted at the innovation center of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switerland.

Olivier Beaumont
Lorena Dumitru
Co-founder, communication manager
Mathieu Nidegger
Co-founder, CFO


For wine lovers who like to be kept informed, share opportunities and who don’t always have access to a simple solution to manage their wine cellar, évoé offers a (paradigm shift) revolutionary technology offering information on the research, purchase, cellar in- and output, wine tasting, rating

We have now completed our technical development and the crowdfunding /pre sale campaign aims to reveal the product internationally and to raise the funds needed for industrial mass production.

We were still young and had not many bottles, go back from a trip in Burgundy, purchase few boxes of Volnay and shared them with friends in the next couple of weeks. Surprisingly our wine cellar grew proportionaly with the years, and one day I could not even remember what I had exactely.

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