We needed a new companion

The inception of évoé

We were still young and had not many bottles, go back from a trip in Burgundy, purchase few boxes of Volnay and shared them with friends in the next couple of weeks. Surprisingly our wine cellar grew proportionaly with the years, and one day I could not even remember what I had exactely. Living a busy life in Geneva and spending countless hours in public transportation, I wished I could have a look at my wine cellar and have it in my pocket Organizing my next dinner with friends, track the count of bottle I have of each region or cepage, educate myself on the nice bottle I had purchased in my last trip. In few words, I needed a new companion for this a wine companion, a digital sommelier in my pocket ! Yes finally this is the thing which does not change across the years, I still do trips in Burgundy, but now I can restrain myself of drinking them right away !

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